The role of peri-urban agriculture in Kampala

Competition for land in peri-urban areas has contributed to a reduction of agricultural land in Kampala.

Mental Health and Resilience of Young African Women Refugees in an Urban Context (Abidjan—Ivory Coast and Dakar—Senegal)

This chapter is based on a quantitative research study on young African refugees in an urban context, focusing specifically on mental health.

‘Glocalizing’ Urban Sustainability: The Case of Nairobi, Kenya

The potential of public participation geographic information systems in Nairobi.

Houston, city edge

Governing beyond cities: the urban-rural interface

Chapter extract from the Geographies of Urban Governance which reviews the literature on urban-rural interfaces and linkages and discusses suggestions for dealing with them.

Vulnerability of the built environment to flooding in African cities

This chapter forms part of the book ” Urban Vulnerability and Climate Change in Africa”, published in Springer International’s “Future City” series, and provides an overview of the activities and findings related to the vulnerability to flooding of the urban built environment.