The People, Place and Space Reader

This reader is characterized by a deep diversity of articles about environmental psychology which many professionals in the built environment and social fields will find invaluable.

Review: Garden cities and colonial planning. Transnationality and urban ideas in Africa and Palestine

This is the only book-length work dedicated to dealing exclusively with garden cities in Africa and West Asia.

Review: the Ashgate Research Companion to Planning and Culture

This publication provides an important conceptual, theoretical and empirical contribution to culture and planning but lacks a Southern consideration.

Review: The planner in dirty shoes

The case study method research methodology promises to be an effective tool for research and teaching that deepens our contextualized understanding of the urbanization realities in Africa.

Review: Routledge Handbook on Cities of the Global South

This weighty tome is the first comprehensive attempt to bring together current scholarship on cities of the global South, and as such represents an important milestone in the field of what was once termed ‘development planning’, and is increasingly known as global urbanism.

Review: Oxford Street, Accra

Ato Quayson’s book provides a rich account of the multitude of forces that have shaped Accra as a city, historically, economically and culturally, from the vantage point of a key street.

Review: Hostels, Homes, Museum: Memorialising migrant labour pasts in Lwandle, South Africa

Hostels, Homes, Museum is an invaluable publication, an honest reflection on the complex process of museum making in South Africa in the twenty-first century, writes Jo-Anne Duggan.

Review: Migrant Women of Johannesburg: Life in an in-between city

An unusual ethnographic account of life in Johannesburg for migrant women that is true to the saying ‘the personal is political,’ writes Naluwembe Binaisa.

Review: Nairobi, Kenya: Migration shaping the city

The book effectively delivers the contradictions of Nairobi in pictures and maps but fails to make coherent arguments for embedded contradictions. This comes out in the first paragraph of the book as quoted below: “Migration has had an evident impact on Nairobi’s urban formation. Its short history of urbanization has been shaped by an inflow […]

Review: Urbanization, Urbanism and Urbanity in an African City

With this book, Paul Jenkins contributes to current empirical writing of African urban studies, attempting to reframe the African urbanization debate by querying how cities in Africa are studied, discussed, theorized and written about.