Moving people

Although published in 2010, Peter Cox’s Moving People: Sustainable Transport Development remains a useful and rewarding read in 2014, despite the rapid growth and constant evolution of sustainable transport in both the rich and the poor worlds.

Trading Places: Accessing Land in African Cities

Trading Places is a welcome addition to the critical literature that examines the intersection and collision of structure and agency in the operation of urban land markets in Africa. The authors deserve to be congratulated for producing a readable multidisciplinary book that introduces a fundamental discussion about the co-construction of urban spaces through land markets […]

Urgent Architecture

Title: Urgent Architecture: 40 Sustainable Housing Solutions for a Changing World Author: Bridgette Meinhold Publisher: W.M Norton & Company Inc. Year: 2013 In the preface to the book Urgent Architecture: 40 Sustainable Housing Solutions for a Changing World, Bridgette Meinhold, a freelance writer, civil and environmental engineering masters graduate and business sustainability consultant, shares with […]

Cities With Slums

Although one of the last continents to urbanise, Africa is now experiencing rapid urbanisation, the scale of which exceeds its cities’ capacity to absorb migrants and is exacerbated by high rates of natural growth.[i]  Much of this urbanisation is taking the form of informal settlements, often on the periphery[ii] of large towns and cities or […]

Street Dreams and Hip Hop Barbershops

Brad Weiss transforms abstract barbershops in urban Tanzania into intimate spaces for conversation and inquiry.

Rogue Urbanism – alternative perspectives on emergent African urbanisms

Rogue Urbanism calls for a shift in thinking among contemporary planners, scholars, and policy-makers to deeply consider the large scale social implications of mega-city projects and plans that disrupt livelihoods and social existence of the urban poor.

Migrants and Strangers in an African City: Exile, Dignity, Belonging

Bruce Whitehouse’s Migrants and Strangers in an African City contributes to a fairly fundamental reframing of debates over migrant integration and African urban life while reminding us that while globalization and mobility are transforming life everywhere, the specific consequences are shaped by a combination of historical conditioning, contemporary imperatives and chance. Review by Loren B. Landau.

Sounding the Cape: a history of Cape Town’s Creole music

Music is always much more than music. It is teaching, a reunion of people, an uplifting and healing experience. Cape Town’s music is a way of life. Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi reviews Denis-Constant Martin’s Sounding the Cape.

Review: “Who built Jozi? – Discovering memory at Wits Junction”

Luli Callinicos takes us on an intimate tour of a contemporary development built on historic land, digging below the surface to explore the rich underlying veins of the city. And the outcome is a tapestry set to music writes Neil Fraser in his review of Who Built Jozi? The last decade has witnessed a plethora […]