Suprastructure: a photo exhibition

The scholars behind the exhibition, Ulrika and Erik Trovalla, are researchers in cultural anthropology and ethnology. They are based at the Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala, and Uppsala University. Drawing on their photographs from the million city Jos in central Nigeria, they here give a glimpse of their research into the meanings of infrastructure in everyday life. Download full text here

2 billion strong: a regenerative solution to building sustainable African cities

“2 Billion Strong” is a collaborative contribution of insights, expertise and experience made by the individuals who comprise the communiTgrow team. The title makes reference to the projected population of Africa by 2050: 2 billion people. The report offers valuable insight into communiTgrow’s mission to build new regenerative cities throughout Africa. communiTgrow has shared their intellectual property in this format, to inspire others and to illustrate how a sustainable Africa…