Regimes of Waste: Aesthetics, Politics, and Waste from Kofi Awoonor and Ayi Kwei Armah to Chimamanda Adichie and Zeze Gamboa

This essay argues that waste—as a symbol, a trope, and a material condition—permits us to reimagine the link between post-independence novels of disillusionment and contemporary works preoccupied with the tenuousness of national prosperity and identity.

Identity, diversity, and modernity in an urban cultural cocktail

Gregory Maqoma examines the development of his personal identity and the broader perspective of cultural identities in South Africa.

Social Construction of Peri-Urban Places and Alternative Planning in Zanzibar

Increasingly, scholarship on urban Africa has focused on the social construction of place in informal neighbourhoods. In this approach, researchers often highlight the fluidity, contingency, or creativity of the urban poor majority. Efforts to remake planning processes to work with or be driven by these informal everyday place-making strategies can be quite inspiring. Yet I question whether these ideas as put into practice in cities can be anything more than survival strategies of the abject poor…