Comparison of travel time between private car and public transport in Cape Town

This paper explores the core components of travel time of an integrated public transport
system, and compares that with travel time in the private transport system.

Urban Governance in Sub Saharan Africa: An Evaluation of its Effectiveness for Sustainability in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

This paper explores governance at the local level in Nigeria drawing from the study of the situation in Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo State.

Johannesburg, sunrise

South Africa’s new urban agenda: Transformation or compensation?

This paper considers the positive and negative features of mega-projects and urban consolidation in South Africa, with an emphasis on their implications for urban efficiency and social justice.

Backyard shacks, informality and the urban housing crisis in South Africa: stopgap or prototype solution?

In South Africa the growth of informality appears to have taken the form of backyard shacks in established townships rather than free-standing shacks in squatter settlements. The paper develops a framework for assessing the impacts and applies it to the country’s leading metropolitan region, Gauteng.

Rooftops in Cairo, Egypt

The impact of urban planning policies on urban division in Cairo

This paper investigates the relationship between urban policies and socioeconomic division on a micro level.

Flat block in Lusaka

Property rights and the production of the urban built environment – Evidence from a Zambian city

This study investigates the phenomenon whereby settlements with similar socio-economic status exhibit different physical outcomes.

Uganda, three children in a wheel barrow

Local and participatory approaches to building resilience in informal settlements in Uganda

This paper describes how the National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda contributes to building resilience in informal settlements.

Cape Coast, Ghana

Negotiating a dominant heritage discourse. Sustainable urban planning in Cape Coast, Ghana

This study examines the practical and conceptual barriers for local planning authorities advancing international outreach programs based on a global discourse on heritage and heritage management.

Sidiki Diabate on stage

An Afropolitan Muse

This article discusses the moral positions and ethical projects of an urban music culture in contemporary Mali.

Collective planning process: a driving seat for formalising urban informality in Egypt

This paper examines the Detailed Plans for Urban Expansion Areas (DPUEA) for cities in Egypt.