Editorial: Environment and Urbanization — Special Issue on Urban Livelihoods

The editorial to the Environment and Urbanization Special Issue on Urban Livelihoods discusses how the informal economy might be included in urban policy and practice.

Urban space administration in Nigeria: Looking into tomorrow from yesterday

Paper examines trends in urban administration in Nigeria and proposes that the devolution of urban administration powers to local authorities and the deployment of geospatial technology tools for urban system administrators offer potential solutions to urban problems in Nigeria.

Politics and the practice of planning: The case of Zimbabwean cities

This paper explores how the practice and profession of planning in Zimbabawe have been affected by political interests and the conflict between the ruling and opposition parties.

Breaking into tradables: urban form and urban function in a developing city.

Paper considers how cities can be built in a manner which makes it difficult for them to attract tradable production and how a city’s history and expectations can affect its ability to attract production.

From shacks to skyscrapers: Multiple spatial rationalities and urban transformation in Accra, Ghana

Paper explores the claim that market-driven logics increasingly inform the governing of African cities and the struggle over urban space in Accra.

Conflicting planning rationalities and informal settlements

Paper analyzes the eviction of an informal settlement in Ghana as the crystallization of the opposition between different planning rationalities.

Urbanisation of hope or despair?

Authors examine the link between urbanisation and urban challenges and emphasize the role of planning to achieve inclusiveness and spatial integration.

SDGs and the role of local governments

Article addresses localisation of SDGs and the implications for local governments.

Urban air pollution in Sub-Saharan Africa: Time for action

Papers serves as a call for action on air pollution in African cities.

Investigating the impact of land titling on housing investment in Addis

Study evaluates the impact of a land formalization project on household investment in Addis Ababa.