Small Area Census Approach to Measure the Township Informal Economy in South Africa

This article describes a research approach to undertaking a small area census to identify informal economy activity using a mixture of quantitative and qualitative tools.

One Nation, Two Planning Systems? Spatial Planning and Multi-Level Policy Integration in Ghana

This paper examines the key features of Ghana’s spatial planning system focusing on the mechanisms and challenges of policy integration in practice.

Getting urbanization to work in Africa: the role of the urban land-infrastructure-finance nexus, Area Development and Policy

The stakes are high for efforts to ensure that urbanization reinforces rather than retards prosperity, yet urban policies are frequently ambivalent and piecemeal. The development trajectory of cities hinges on the quality of their physical foundations, which underpin functional efficiency and will endure for many decades.

Developing an appropriate land use methodology to promote spatially just, formal retail areas in developing countries: The case of the City of Cape Town, South Africa

This paper initiates a long overdue conversation regarding the relationship between land use management and social justice within a developing world context, and in formal retail areas, and aims to set out ways in which land use management can be made more relevant.

A better zoning system for South Africa?

This paper considers the role of land use management within SPLUMA and the criteria for an appropriate system in circumstances of weak municipal government capacity.

Efficiency of urban water supply in Sub-Saharan Africa: Does organization and regulation matter?

Using a model, this paper compares the technical efficiency of urban water utilities in Sub-Saharan Africa countries.

Environmental risk assessment of the Moroccan Atlantic continental shelf: The role of the industrial and urban area

Paper presents the first large-scale analysis of heavy metal assessment in the Moroccan Atlantic shelf.

Economic crisis and food security in Africa: Exploring the significance of urban agriculture in Zambia’s Copperbelt province

This paper explores how experiences in the Copperbelt province could inform policy and practice in other areas which are experiencing economic crises.

Urban geography and protest mobilization in Africa

This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the links between urban geography and the incidence of protests in African countries since 1990

The Making of a Southern Diaspora: South-South Migration and Zimbabweans in South Africa

This article explores how Zimbabwean migration to South Africa is shifting from being temporary and circular in nature to being more diverse and permanent or semi-permanent