“Poverty” and the Politics of Syncopation: Urban Examples from Kinshasa (DR Congo)

This article explores how poverty affects emerging publics in the city, using Kinshasa as a case study.

Scavenging for solid waste in Kinshasa: A livelihood strategy for the urban poor in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This paper examines the role that solid-waste scavenging contributes to household livelihoods in the city of Kinshasa.

‘Gender hates men’: untangling gender and development discourses in food security fieldwork in urban Malawi

This paper explores the social construction and contestation of gender and gender roles in the city of Blantyre, Malawi.

Defining a Global Urban Development Agenda

This paper outlines how, in the light of Habitat III and the Global SDGs, we need to ask why and how the urban condition affects our common future.

Who could benefit from a bus rapid transit system in cities from developing countries? A case study from Kampala, Uganda

This paper evaluates the bus rapid transit system in Kampala and argues for new bottom-up policies that pay attention to the internal diversity of a population.

Exploring the connections between green economy and informal economy in South Africa

This paper seeks to establish the extent to which policies and plans relating to green economy connect with the informal economy.

Energy Security, Trade and Transition to Green Economy in Africa

This paper assesses how the interaction of trade and green economy strategies could promote energy security in Africa for the period 1995 to 2014.

Patterns of Economic Growth and Poverty in Sudan

This paper reviews economic growth and poverty levels and incidence in Sudan with a specific focus on per capita income.

Understanding urban poverty in two high-density suburbs of Harare, Zimbabwe

This article examines the situation of households residing in two low-income, high-density suburbs of Harare, Zimbabwe.

Variation in the quality of upgraded slums in Lagos, Nigeria

This research paper uses primary and secondary data to examine the quality of nine upgraded slums in Lagos’ metropolis.