Nigeria’s digital divide in urban administration

Author advocates for the holistic and country-wide use of geospatial technologies for city administration in Nigeria.

Informality in the SDGs

Authors look at how informality is addressed in the SDGs, especially with regards to how it is measured.

Informal urban mining in Accra

Paper investigates the development of the informal urban e-waste economy in Accra, Ghana.

Intermodality in practice in African cities

Authors study intermodality as a practice rather than a planning strategy in African cities.

Theory and reality of urban slums

Article explores income trajectories between South Africa’s urban formal, urban informal and rural areas.

Street vendors and cities

Article explores general workplace insecurity and exclusionary policies towards street vendors.

Potential for sustainable urban drainage systems in African cities

Analysis of the theoretical potential of sustainable urban drainage systems in African cities.

Understanding small and intermediate urban centres in Sub-Saharan Africa

David Satterthwhaite evokes the need for a more precise definition of small and intermediate urban centres and argues for a better understanding of the rural-urban continuum.

Is living in African cities expensive?

Price of goods and services consumed by households are up to 31 percent higher in Sub-Saharan Africa than in other low-and middle-income countries – World Bank study.

The multi-level internationalisation of Johannesburg

How Johannesburg consolidated its position on the global city stage.