Data gap for disaster losses in African Cities

Paper highlights lack of collated data for disaster losses in African cities.

Informal Migrant Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Growth in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique

This paper incorporates focuses on the policy and research currently being directed at understanding the links between mobility and informality.

The State of Poverty and Food Insecurity in Maseru, Lesotho

This paper, is a recent publication in the AFSUN urban food security series, reporting back on food security is Maseru.

The return of food: poverty and urban food security in Zimbabwe after the Crisis

This paper forms part of AFSUN’s urban food security series, focusing on poverty and food insecurity in Zimbabwe.

50 years of urbanization in Africa : examining the role of climate change

This paper documents a significant impact of climate variation on urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa, primarily in more arid countries.

Piecemeal urbanisation at the peripheries of Lagos

The goal of this article, whilst engaging with peri-urban literature, is to confront the urbanisation occurring at the peripheries of Lagos with suburban theory.

Planning for climate change in the African city

Vanesa Castán Broto argues for a perspective on climate change in African cities that focuses on challenges and also opportunities for action.

Negotiating difference in post-apartheid housing design

This article considers the visual qualities of design practice in post-apartheid housing for the poor. We specifically address the visual power of social mapping within the context of a ‘coloured’ housing development in the Cape Town suburb of Mitchells Plain.

Characteristics of Urban Food insecurity: The Case of Kinshasa

Philippe Lebailly and Damien Muteba (2011). African Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 3, No. 1, Dec 2011.   Abstract Feeding  Kinshasa? How to ensure food security for millions of inhabitants who have to survive on low wages well below the poverty line? This is the daily challenge for a multitude of poor people in Kinshasa! Some […]

Strengthening climate resilience in African cities: a framework for working with informality

Introduction: The idea of ‘climate compatible development’ is gaining ground in international policy circles. It is aimed at fusing the climate change adaptation and mitigation agendas with the mainstream development agenda. This raises a key set of questions, especially where African cities – and other developing world cities – are concerned. What opportunities and challenges […]