Integrated Urban Development Framework

Integrated Urban Development Framework: A New Deal for South African Cities and Towns

The Integrated Urban Development Framework (IUDF) is a policy initiative of the South African government, which seeks to foster a shared understanding across government and society about how best to manage urbanisation and achieve the goals of economic development, job creation and improved living conditions in South African cities.

Responding to Informality in Urban Africa: Street Trading in Harare, Zimbabwe

Using the example of street trading, this paper analyses planning and policy issues around the state and the informal economy in Harare, Zimbabwe.

World Bank and the building of local institutionality in Senegal

This paper examines the impacts of municipal adjustment strategies on territorial governance in Africa, with specific reference to Senegal.

A better zoning system for South Africa?

This paper considers the role of land use management within SPLUMA and the criteria for an appropriate system in circumstances of weak municipal government capacity.