State of Cape Town 2014 report

The State of Cape Town 2014 report is a biennial report – the fifth in the series – produced by the City of Cape Town. The purpose of the report is to provide a snapshot of Cape Town with up-to date information and analyses of the most pertinent urban development issues facing the city, its residents and businesses.

Fieldstudy report “Improving Informal Areas in Greater Cairo” (2009/2010)

The 2009/2010 class of Urban Management carried out a case study project within the framework of the ‘Participation Development Program in Urban Areas’ in Cairo, Egypt. The project included the development of appropriate intervention strategies for dealing with selected informal areas in Cairo. Access the reports: Report Part I. Report Part II.

Growing greener cities in Africa: first status report on urban and peri-urban horticulture in Africa

This report highlights a key component of sustainable urban development: urban and peri-urban horticulture (UPH). Based on an Africa-wide survey and on country case studies, it reviews the current state of UPH in cities across the continent. It presents major findings, profiles of urban and peri-urban horticulture in 22 countries, and recommendations for the development […]

The invisible crisis: urban food security in Southern Africa

Over 1 billion people in the world are now undernourished. The current international food security agenda focuses almost exclusively on the food insecurity of rural populations and ways to increase smallholder production. The plight of the urban poor is marginalised in this agenda leading to neglect of the ‘invisible crisis’ of urban food insecurity. This […]

The State of African Cities 2014 – UN HABITAT

The African continent is currently in the midst of simultaneously unfolding and highly significant demographic, economic, technological, environmental, urban and socio-political transitions. Africa’s economic performance is promising, with booming cities supporting growing middle classes and creating sizable consumer markets. But despite significant overall growth, not all of Africa performs well.

UNEP: Integrating the Environment in Urban Planning and Management

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Cities can use a range of principles and approaches to integrate the environment in urban planning and management. This report is intended to encourage and support urban decision-makers in this process. It starts with recognizing that action taken in towns and cities is essential for addressing global environmental problems. It accepts that, with […]

Africa’s Adaptation Gap: Climate-change impacts, adaptation challenges and costs for Africa

Africa’s Adaptation Gap Report is a stark analysis of where Africa stands in relation to its adaptation goals and is a cautionary indicator of what may happen should the emissions gap remain – necessitating additional adaptation. The Africa Adaptation Gap Report was accomplished to inform policymakers of the shortcomings and opportunities for adaptation to Climate […]

MasterCard African Cities Growth Index 2013

MasterCard have just released their African cities growth index, produced by Professor George Angelopulo of the University of South Africa and Professor George Roger of the University of Cape Town. “Accra, Lusaka and Luanda, the capital cities of Ghana, Zambia and Angola respectively, have been identified as the Sub-Saharan African cities that have the highest potential for growth over the […]

Cities of Hope: Young people and opportunities in South Africa’s cities

Although about 60 percent of South Africans live in urban areas, the country is comparatively under-urbanised and key policy makers remain ambivalent about the desirability of further urbanisation. International experience shows that there are considerable economic and employment benefits to be derived from the dynamic urbanisation process and from managing cities well. South Africa’s future […]

African Cities as Emerging Hubs and Drivers of Innovation and Growth

Abstract Rapid urbanization is fast becoming the key driver of economic change in Africa.  The African continent is the fastest urbanising region in the world. The figures are astounding: it is estimated that in the next 15 years, an additional 350m people will be living in Africa’s cities. Undoubtedly, this is now the greatest management […]