UN-HABITAT: Green Building Interventions for Social Housing

This publication represents the UN-Habitat’s work on Green and Sustainable Housing in 2015.

Map examining race and ethnicity in Chicago

Urban data from UN-Habitat

The UN-Habitat Urban Data program is offering free and open access to data about countries and cities around the globe.

Housing the Poor in African Cities – Training Facilitator’s Guide

This Facilitator’s Guide prepared by UN-Habitat and Cities Alliance accompanies the Quick Guides for Policy Makers: Housing the Poor in African Cities series.

Urban Low Emissions Development Strategies: the Solutions Gateway

The Solutions Gateway is an online resource platform for Local Governments where they will be able to find possible Low Emissions Development (LED) Solutions for their cities.

Housing the poor in African cities: quick guides

The Quick Guides on Housing the Poor in African Cities series aims to improve the understanding by policy makers at national and local levels of pro-poor housing and urban development within the framework of urban poverty reduction.

Climate Change in Africa: A Guidebook for Journalists

African media can and should do more to tell the story of climate change, observes a new UNESCO publication, titled Climate Change in Africa: A Guidebook for Journalists. “This guidebook is part of UNESCO’s overall effort to raise awareness of the interdisciplinary core of climate change, and how journalists can reflect that in their practices”, […]