Toward the networked city? Translating technological ideals and planning models in water and sanitation systems in Dar es Salaam

Paper addresses the contradiction between the ideal of the ‘networked city’ and the reality of unequal access to water and sanitation services in Dar es Salaam.


Urban air pollution in Sub-Saharan Africa: Time for action

Article outlines measures for addressing urban air pollution and its associated health impacts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Pre-paid airtime

The hustle economy: Informality, uncertainty and the geographies of getting by

Article uses the conceptual frame of hustle to examine the everyday dealings associated with uncertainty and accepted informalities that pervade realms of everyday life among youth in precarious urban geographies.


‘A house for dead people’: memory and spatial transformation in Red Location, South Africa

Paper examines the politics around the Red Location Museum in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, and the housing protests that developed in response to the museum project.

Smart Infrastructure

Assessing smart infrastructure for sustainable urban development in the Lagos metropolis

This study assesses the applicability of ‘smart infrastructure’ to achieve sustainable urban development in Lagos metropolis.


A thriving coal mining city in crisis? The governance and spatial planning challenges at Witbank, South Africa

This paper discusses how a flourishing city such as Witbank, with its economy based on non-renewable resources, manages its vulnerabilities.


Unequal citizenship in unequal cities: participatory urban governance in contemporary South Africa

Article demonstrates how the spatial and temporal landscape of the city is not a neutral technical backdrop for participatory processes.


Circuitries of spectral urbanism: Looking Underneath Fantasies in Luanda’s New Centralities

Drawing on an in-depth study of urban development in contemporary Luanda and its relationship with the Angolan oil complex, this paper suggests new ways of understanding what underpins and constitutes the envisioned futures of African cities.


Self-organisation in urban spatial planning: evidence from the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area, Ghana

Paper investigates how spontaneous civic initiatives can support urban development in Accra, Ghana.


Editorial: Environment and Urbanization — Special Issue on Urban Livelihoods

The editorial to the Environment and Urbanization Special Issue on Urban Livelihoods discusses how the informal economy might be included in urban policy and practice.

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