Research methods for understanding and supporting decision processes in African Cities

The Research methods for understanding and supporting decision processes in African Cities working paper produced by the FRACTAL project, reviews 12 decision-making methods to explore how different approaches may lead key people working in cities and surrounding urban areas of Southern Africa to make better-informed decisions about adapting to climate change. The review covers both decision-making process … Continued


Economic Report on Africa 2017: Urbanisation and Industrialisation for Africa’s Transformation

Despite the recent slowdown of the global economy and the weakening of Africa’s economic performance with the attendant implications for inclusion and sustainability, the long term growth outlook for Africa remains promising according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa’s 2017 report. The report, releas states that the region’s long-term fundamentals remain strong as … Continued


The State of Urban Safety in South Africa Report

Produced by members of the Urban Safety Reference Group hosted by the South African Cities Network, with the support of the GIZ-Inclusive Violence and Crime Prevention Programme, The State of Urban Safety in South Africa Report is an update of the state of crime and violence in South Africa’s major cities, and a review of knowledge … Continued


Inspiring Climate Change Action in African Cities: Practical Options for Resilient Pathways

According to the introduction of the working paper Inspiring Climate Change Action in African Cities produced by the FRACTAL project, the need for climate change adaptation has been widely recognised among developing countries since the early 1990s. The 2015 Paris Agreement provided renewed impetus for addressing the issue; many countries included adaptation and mitigation commitments in … Continued

The physical transformation of Addis Ababa by Geo Kalev

The State of Addis Ababa 2017: The city we want

The State of Addis Ababa 2017 report, published by UN-Habitat is aimed at providing a comprehensive assessment of existing socioeconomic and environmental conditions in the city, shedding light on the impacts of on-going fast paced urbanisation.

Reforming Urban Laws in Africa: A practical guide

Reforming Urban Laws in Africa: A Practical Guide

African Centre for Cities launches a new publication Reforming Urban Laws in Africa: A Practical Guide.

Climate Change Reference Atlas_2

Climate Change Reference Atlas – South Africa

The South African Weather Service has released a Climate Change Reference Atlas providing accurate benchmarks for climate change in the country.

Atlas of Africa Energy Resources

Atlas of Africa Energy Resources

Interested in Africa’s energy sector and the opportunities and challenges for sustainable development of the energy resources on the continent? The newly published Atlas of Africa Energy Resources will shed some light on the subject. The Atlas of Africa Energy Resources, developed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) in … Continued

Integrated Urban Development Framework

Integrated Urban Development Framework: A New Deal for South African Cities and Towns

The Integrated Urban Development Framework (IUDF) is a policy initiative of the South African government, which seeks to foster a shared understanding across government and society about how best to manage urbanisation and achieve the goals of economic development, job creation and improved living conditions in South African cities.


Cairo: Restoration? And the Limits of Street Politics

In this piece, I argue that the city of Cairo has witnessed unprecedented urban transformations for the past 4 years, owing to urban wars and confrontations during the two regimes that followed Mubarak’s ouster. Street politics, although mesmerizing, have been highly exhausting. With the reemergence of the army in civil life, after the ousting of … Continued

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