A review on the systems approach for solving the complexity of the environmental problematique of cities in Africa

This article is woven to satisfy interlinked objectives of assessing the determinants for successful greening of the city and comparing and contrasting cities in their greening. A cross-sectional review of literature on the role of planning in city greening, the determinant factors for success and limits to this success has been done coupled by case analyses of five cities in the region. To better the situation and future of the African city space, it is imperative to examine the effect of this lack of interactive data and stakeholders’ input into urban greening efforts. Unless such a preliminary analysis is done and a model for addressing this, developed, Africa will miss what the industrial city of the eighteenth century missed which eventually led to misery and suffering as cities developed in an unsustainable manner.

Source: Future Cities and Environments via SpringerOpen Journal

Photo Credit: Paolo Rosa via flickr


Publication Type Journal Article
Publisher Future Cities and Environment (SpringerOpen Journal)
Year 2015
Author(s) Innocent Chirisa, Simbarashe O Dirwai and Abraham Matamanda
Other Numbers 2015, 1:11
DOI 10.1186/s40984-015-0010-y
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