An Assessment of the Impact of Bangalore Citizen Report Cards on the Performance of Public Agencies


The Bangalore Citizen Report Card (CRC), pioneered by the Public Affairs Centre (PAC), provides an assessment of the satisfaction levels of citizens with regard to public services in Bangalore and ranks public service agencies (dealing with water, power, municipal services, transport, housing, telephones, banks and hospitals) in terms of their service performance. This review provides an independent assessment of the contribution of the first two CRCs (1994 and 1999) based on interviews with a sample of agency heads, senior state officials, citizen action groups and the media in Bangalore. Following the findings, many of the agencies initiated reform measures; some senior agency officials perceived, however, that the CRCs did not reflect their achievements and the constraints on their performance. On the whole, the impact of the CRCs has been positive. They helped to increase public awareness of the quality of services and stimulated citizen groups to demand better services. They influenced key officials in understanding the perceptions of ordinary citizens and the role of civil society in city governance.

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Publication Type Report
Year 2004
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