Barriers to climate change policy responses for urban areas: a study of Tamale Metropolitan Assembly, Ghana

Climate change has emerged as an urgent issue around which both ideas of development and practice are crystallising both in the North and South. However, in this discourse the concern with climate change seems not to dwell much on seeking a better understanding of the barriers to climate change policy responses in different contexts. .This paper explores the extent to which climate change ideas are received and converted into policy and programmes by local governments, with reference to Tamale Metropolitan Assembly in Ghana. This study highlights that limited perception of development co-benefits, and the tensions in negotiating national directives and local priorities constrain policy responses to climate change.

Source: Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 

Photo Credit: Michael Leonhard


Publication Type Journal Article
Publisher Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability
Year 2015
Author(s) Afua Adu-Boateng
Other Numbers 13:49-57
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