The Case of Durban, South Africa


Recent critical reflection on post-Apartheid housing, urban development and other policies is, however, highlighting a number of weaknesses that reveal a failure to adequately address the spatial and socio-economic legacies of the past and sustain the positive impact of infrastructural interventions (cf. BESG 1999; Charlton 2001). At the same time housing backlogs are such that large concentrations of people continue to live in very poor, un-serviced conditions. However, despite the predominance of these informal settlements in almost every urban area in South Africa and notwithstanding the National Housing Programme, there is no policy specifically designed to deal with the issues they raise (BESG 2000b, Huchzermayer 2001a). Given lower than anticipated housing delivery rates, a formidable backlog in inadequate housing and population growth; a significant housing backlog remains.

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Publication Type Report
Year 2003
Author(s) Marx C, Charlton S
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