Case study: The challenges of climate change for Lagos, Nigeria

This case study paper considers some of the main climate change challenges for Lagos. Emerging adaptation and mitigation responses are considered in the context of Lagos urbanization trends, as well as development and transformation agendas. Insights are based on a synthesis of key literature, technical reports and policy documents. The paper reports that although Lagos authorities have started to respond to the stresses and risks from climate change, these efforts are haphazard, largely top-down, uncoordinated and fragmented. To be sustainable, there is an urgent need to rally political will, recognize local action through popular participation, identify and build capacities, and institutionalize adaptation frameworks in all agencies and planning levels.

Source: Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 

Photo Credit: Stefan Magdalinski


Publication Type Journal Article
Publisher Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability
Year 2015
Author(s) Peter Elias, Ademola Omojola
Other Numbers 13:74-78
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