Challenges and possible panacea to the municipal solid wastes management in Nigeria

This paper provides an overview of the state of municipal solid waste management (MSWM) by local authorities in Nigeria. Different areas through which the challenges can be tackled in order to improve municipal solid waste (MSW) services are discussed. With increasing global change pressures (population explosion, haphazard rapid urbanization, climate change etc.), coupled with existing un-sustainability factors, cities in developing countries are most likely to experience difficulties in efficiently managing MSW. The unplanned urbanization growth will definitely lead to huge problems for governments especially for meeting the increasing demand for proper and healthy municipal services. The growth results in increasing quantity and complexity of the generated wastes and overburdens. The rural economy needs to be improved if rural–urban migration is to be managed. Communal efforts of local, state and federal government, the stakeholders, Non-Governmental Organizations and the private sector are paramount to attaining high level of development and sustainable MSWM.

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Publication Type article
Publisher Journal of Developement Sustainable Studies
Year 2014
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