The latest Chronic by Chimurenga & Kwani?

The new Chimurenga Chronic is out.

Press release here.

Online contents page here.

The aim with this edition is to “shift the knowledge about and from Africa from ideology (“what it should be”) to what we experience and imagine it to be – how to make visible networks of trade, power structures, movement of people and ideas as we experience them; how to represent and therefore disseminate this knowledge. So our focus is not directly to shift policy, even though this is equally important – for us, life and imagination (agency) across this continent currently is made in spite of policy rather than through it.

We are very aware of the specificity of each country – we live in them. But we’re not producing maps of any individual country precisely because we’re contesting the country-focus approach. We’re mapping political, economic and cultural realities that show how dated that approach is, that it has more to do with political correctness and some idea of “post-colonial Africa” than the reality we experience and imagine. Each of the maps represents several places and relations between and beyond countries, essentially, highlighting narratives as opposed to supposedly fixed nodes.”



Publication Type Gazette
Publisher Chimurenga (in collaboration with Kwani?)
Year 2015
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