Co-producing urban knowledge: experimenting with alternatives to ‘best practice’ for Cape Town, South Africa

As an alternative to ‘best practice’, a City–University partnership in Cape Town has been influencing the development trajectory of the city through the co-production of knowledge by practitioners and academics. The partnership allows for sharing and a deepening of substantive knowledge about Cape Town and also acquisition of tactical knowledge about the regulatory decision-making process in the city. The new networks of knowledge generation transcend institutional boundaries. The impacts of the programme are not confined to the outcomes generated; value also derives from the varied modes and processes of the co-production of useful knowledge about the city. Co-produced interventions in cities are an alternative inspiration to off-the-shelf or best practice ‘solutions’ that are uncritically replicated between cities.

Available from Liverpool University Press

Photo via Danie van der Merwe



Publication Type Journal Article
Publisher Liverpool University press
Year 2015
Author(s) Zarina Patel, Saskia Greyling, Susan Parnell, Gordon Pirie
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