Gugulethu™: revolution for neoliberalism in a South African township

This paper analyses the impact of neoliberalization on post-apartheid spatial practices at the new Gugulethu mall in Cape Town. It examines this impact at two levels: first, from the perspective of neoliberal processes and their ability to adapt to the local township environment and, second, from the viewpoint of the township and its permeability to these ideas and practices, specifically emphasizing the role of local brokers. We study how revolutionary discourses, imagery, spatial design and social engineering were employed to promote the business, and how these attempts were received at the everyday level in the township. We argue that contemporary, ordinary townships such as Gugulethu tell a localized story of neoliberalization processes through which global capital is rooted within South African townships.



Publication Type Journal article
Publisher Canadian Journal of African Studies
Year 2013
Author(s) Teppo, Annika (The Nordic Africa Institute, Urban Dynamics) Houssay-Holzschuch, Myriam
ISSN 0008-3968
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