Implementing climate change adaptation and mitigation interventions at the local government levels in Tanzania: where do we start?

Climate change adaptation and mitigation interventions have traditionally been planned at the national and policy levels, but their implementation is done predominantly at the local government authority level. The general mandate of local governments is to work for their communities. At these levels, in both rural and urban contexts, local government technical cadres are required to be equipped with knowledge and skills to address existing problems effectively, including climate change-induced impacts. A study conducted in the urban local government authorities of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, revealed low levels of knowledge and skills related to policies, plans and strategies pertinent to climate change and vulnerability assessments. As an entry point for climate change adaptation and mitigation interventions to be included in the local authority plans and budgets, there is a need to build capacity of the technical cadres. Short courses, workshops and seminars, training workshops, on-job training, conferences and postgraduate training are recommended to ensure that capacity of the local government authorities regarding climate change aspects is improved.


Publication Type Journal Article
Publisher Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability
Year 2015
Author(s) Riziki Shemdoe, Gabriel Kassenga & Stephen Mbuligwe
Other Numbers 13:32-41
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