Incrementally Securing Tenure: An Approach for Informal Settlement Upgrading in South Africa


Informal urban land markets are operating in the parts of our cities in which poorer people live. Although they function well in the short term and provide access to land, their effectiveness is limited, including locking poor people into marginal locations. Urban LandMark advocates opening up more officially recognised channels of land supply as a primary means for improving the pro-poor functioning of urban land markets. Increased tenure security in informal settlements is the first step towards official recognition. Once greater tenure security is in place, opportunities increase for access to the economy, infrastructure services, social facilities and micro-finance.

This document summarises Urban LandMark’s approach to incrementally securing tenure in informal settlements. This approach emphasises practical mechanisms that allow land rights to be upgraded over time. It has been developed from a range of activities, including input from research papers, a considerable number of interviews, and the testing of different processes with municipalities.

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Publication Type Conference Paper
Year 2010
Author(s) Smit D, Abrahams G
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