Informal settlements in the peri-urban areas of Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Achamyeleh Gashu Adam (2014). Informal settlements in the peri-urban areas of Bahir Dar, Ethiopia: An institutional analysis. Habitat International, Volume 43, pages 90-97.


Peri-urban land which has been used predominantly for agricultural purposes and held by local farmers is a target area for informal settlements in Ethiopia. An increasing number of people try to solve their housing needs by getting a plot of land informally in the transitional peri-urban areas. The purpose of this study is to explore the principal actors involved in the informal conversion of peri-urban agricultural land into urban built-up property. This study is also aimed at demonstrating the role of non-state institutions in facilitating informal acquisition and development of peri-urban plots. Both questionnaire and document analysis were the main sources of data for this study. The result of this study indicated that traditional social institutions played a significant role in processing peri-urban informal settlements and stabilizing land related conflicts by social sanction measures. The study has also found out that the process of acquiring a plot of land from peri-urban areas passes through its own stages which mainly start with identifying a plot for sale and ends with the confirmation of traditional letter of agreement signed by transacting parties without legal ground to do so.


Publication Type Journal Article
Publisher Habitat International
Year 2014
Author(s) Achamyeleh Gashu Adam
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