Long Street: a map of post-Apartheid Cape Town

Cape Town Long Street

No map fully coincides with the territory it represents. If the map and territory do not coincide, what can the map capture of the territory? According to Bateson, the answer is its differences. Drawing from Gregory Bateson’s ideas, we can envision an ethnographic representation of the city through which we can represent the urban territory through the different ways its inhabitants perceive it. In this article, I describe the process that led me to build a map of post-apartheid Cape Town from Long Street. I took inspiration from Bateson’s book Naven and compared it with the District Six Museum map in Cape Town with the objective of representing post-apartheid Cape Town through its differences.

Source: Humanities Special Issues: Deep Mapping via MDPI

Photo Credit: jaded one


Publication Type Journal Article
Publisher Humanities (MDPI AG)
Year 2015
Author(s) Giovanni Spissu
Other Numbers Humanities 2015, 4, 436-456.
DOI 10.3390/h4030436
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