Managing explosive urbanisation in Africa

For the period 2010-2050, African countries are predicted to record explosive urban growth rates that have not been seen in the region in the past. The purpose of this paper is to report the results of a study carried out in order to design an alternative schema for managing Africa’s urban areas. Using contemporary literature and projections of urban growth from secondary statistics from various sources, the information is processed to isolate specific country challenges linked to rapid uncontrolled urban growth. The results indicate an immediate mismatch between growth rates and general management systems. In spite of reforms since 1990, current systems of urban management may not be adequately designed to address the demands of such growth. The identified challenges are re-configured in the context of a set of assumptions into an alternative urban governance model that could offer fresh insights into better systems of urban management. It is recommended that restructuring management systems should be urgently initiated in those African countries where this has not yet occurred.

Source: Journal of Human Ecology (Delhi, India)

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Publication Type Journal Article
Publisher Journal of Human Ecology (Delhi, India)
Year 2015
Author(s) Tabukeli Musigi Ruhiiga
Other Numbers 42(1):43-52
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