Municipal cultural policy and development in South Africa: A study of the city of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality

This study examines the relationship, or lack thereof, between cultural policy and development at the local government sphere in South Africa and, ascertains the extent to which the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality (CTMM), as the focus of the case study, involves culture in its development framework. The research is informed by an observation from international best-practices that
local government, as a sphere of governance closest to the people, is one of the best platforms on which the centrality of culture in the development matrix of any country is located and upheld.

The research was arranged in three sections or phases, namely: exploration, discovery and the consolidation. The exploratory phase, from Chapters 1 to Chapter 4, introduces and discusses the topic of the research, its aim, background, hypothesis, justification, key terms around the topic, and offers lessons from international best-practices or examples in relation to the topic. It further conducts review of literature on the subject investigated, profiles the City of Tshwane as the case study, and explains the research methodology applied in the collection of data. The discovery phase, from Chapters 5, 6 and 7, presents and analyses the findings from the survey questionnaires conducted in the study location. As the consolidation phase, Chapter 8 deals with conclusions and recommendations.

Read the full thesis online from UNISA.


Publication Type Thesis
Publisher University of South Africa
Year 2012
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