NCE Ethiopia Report: Unlocking the Power of Ethiopia’s Cities

The New Climate Economy Ethiopia Partnership, led by the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) and GGGI, has recently launched a link to a new report on Ethiopia’s urbanisation in partnership with the Government of Ethiopia:


  • The report outlines a new integrated urban performance assessment framework for assessing and maximising the contribution that cities can make towards achieving Ethiopia’s development goals.
  • The work involved identifying and evaluating a range of alternative urbanisation scenarios that were informed by comprehensive geo-spatial mapping of the suitability and core drivers of urban demand such as natural resources, planned special economic zones and transport infrastructure. A preferred scenario is recommended that combines the best features of each scenario.
  • The report also draws on the lessons learned from urbanisation experiences elsewhere including Vietnam, Colombia and South Korea.
  • For other countries, elements of the framework outlined in the report may provide a reference case or guidance template on the process for the more effective management of their own urbanisation challenges and opportunities.


See the full press release:



Publication Type Report
Publisher The New Climate Economy
Year 2015
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