Environmental risk assessment of the Moroccan Atlantic continental shelf: The role of the industrial and urban area

Paper presents the first large-scale analysis of heavy metal assessment in the Moroccan Atlantic shelf.

Economic crisis and food security in Africa: Exploring the significance of urban agriculture in Zambia’s Copperbelt province

This paper explores how experiences in the Copperbelt province could inform policy and practice in other areas which are experiencing economic crises.

Urban geography and protest mobilization in Africa

This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the links between urban geography and the incidence of protests in African countries since 1990

The Making of a Southern Diaspora: South-South Migration and Zimbabweans in South Africa

This article explores how Zimbabwean migration to South Africa is shifting from being temporary and circular in nature to being more diverse and permanent or semi-permanent

“Poverty” and the Politics of Syncopation: Urban Examples from Kinshasa (DR Congo)

This article explores how poverty affects emerging publics in the city, using Kinshasa as a case study.

Scavenging for solid waste in Kinshasa: A livelihood strategy for the urban poor in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This paper examines the role that solid-waste scavenging contributes to household livelihoods in the city of Kinshasa.

Marginality as a Root Cause of Poverty: Identifying Marginality Hotspots in Ethiopia

This paper uses GIS mapping to identify marginality hotspots in Ethiopia.

Global report on urban health: equitable, healthier cities for sustainable development

Comprehensive report by the World Health Organisation and UN-Habitat with sections focusing on urban health, planning and urban governance.

‘Gender hates men’: untangling gender and development discourses in food security fieldwork in urban Malawi

This paper explores the social construction and contestation of gender and gender roles in the city of Blantyre, Malawi.

Mental Health and Resilience of Young African Women Refugees in an Urban Context (Abidjan—Ivory Coast and Dakar—Senegal)

This chapter is based on a quantitative research study on young African refugees in an urban context, focusing specifically on mental health.