Informality in the SDGs

Authors look at how informality is addressed in the SDGs, especially with regards to how it is measured.

Conflicting planning rationalities and informal settlements

Paper analyzes the eviction of an informal settlement in Ghana as the crystallization of the opposition between different planning rationalities.

Urbanisation of hope or despair?

Authors examine the link between urbanisation and urban challenges and emphasize the role of planning to achieve inclusiveness and spatial integration.

SDGs and the role of local governments

Article addresses localisation of SDGs and the implications for local governments.

Informal urban mining in Accra

Paper investigates the development of the informal urban e-waste economy in Accra, Ghana.

Uncertainty levels of electrification in informal urban settlements: a case from South Africa

Paper calls for more politicized approach toward informal settlement upgrading programmes.

Intermodality in practice in African cities

Authors study intermodality as a practice rather than a planning strategy in African cities.

Theory and reality of urban slums

Article explores income trajectories between South Africa’s urban formal, urban informal and rural areas.

Urban governance and urban food systems in Africa: Examining the linkages

Paper examines state of knowledge about urban governance and urban food systems in Africa.

Who really governs urban Ghana?

Article looks at how urban neighbourhoods in Ghana are really governed and how “hidden” informal networks interact with formal politics.

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