Identity, diversity, and modernity in an urban cultural cocktail

Gregory Maqoma examines the development of his personal identity and the broader perspective of cultural identities in South Africa.

‘Men value their dignity’: securing respect and identity construction in urban informal settlements in South Africa

Background: Urban informal settlements remain sites of high HIV incidence and prevalence, as well as violence. Increasing attention is paid to how configurations of young men’s masculinities shape these practices through exploring how men build respect and identity. In this paper, we explore how young Black South Africans in two urban informal settlements construct respect […]

The emerging role of fashion tourism and the need for a development strategy in Lagos, Nigeria

The tourism industry is viewed as one of the world’s most important industries that have emerged in global economy including Nigeria. The fashion industry is likewise a multibillion dollar industry globally. In many parts of the world fashion tourists are growing in number. Acclaimed fashion capitals of the world like New York, Paris, and London […]

Municipal cultural policy and development in South Africa: A study of the city of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality

This study examines the relationship, or lack thereof, between cultural policy and development at the local government sphere in South Africa and, ascertains the extent to which the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality (CTMM), as the focus of the case study, involves culture in its development framework. The research is informed by an observation from international […]

The State of African Cities 2014 – UN HABITAT

The African continent is currently in the midst of simultaneously unfolding and highly significant demographic, economic, technological, environmental, urban and socio-political transitions. Africa’s economic performance is promising, with booming cities supporting growing middle classes and creating sizable consumer markets. But despite significant overall growth, not all of Africa performs well.

UNEP: Integrating the Environment in Urban Planning and Management

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Cities can use a range of principles and approaches to integrate the environment in urban planning and management. This report is intended to encourage and support urban decision-makers in this process. It starts with recognizing that action taken in towns and cities is essential for addressing global environmental problems. It accepts that, with […]

Rwanda’s political settlement and the urban transition: expropriation, construction and taxation in Kigali

Although still predominantly rural, Rwanda is one of the world’s fastest-urbanizing countries. This paper considers the Rwandan Patriotic Front’s (RPF) approach to urban development in the context of intense pressure on land and a stated long-term agenda of moving towards a future that is ‘100% urban’.

Urbanization challenges and housing delivery in Nigeria: The need for an effective Policy framework for Sustainable Development

This paper examines existing challenges of urbanization and the housing situation in Nigeria. The paper provides an overview as well as an appraisal of official intervention in housing delivery. It also provides the rationale for developing an effective housing policy framework towards achieving sustainable urban development in Nigeria. In concluding, the paper posits that existing policy framework…

Climate Change in Africa: A Guidebook for Journalists

African media can and should do more to tell the story of climate change, observes a new UNESCO publication, titled Climate Change in Africa: A Guidebook for Journalists. “This guidebook is part of UNESCO’s overall effort to raise awareness of the interdisciplinary core of climate change, and how journalists can reflect that in their practices”, […]

Africa’s Adaptation Gap: Climate-change impacts, adaptation challenges and costs for Africa

Africa’s Adaptation Gap Report is a stark analysis of where Africa stands in relation to its adaptation goals and is a cautionary indicator of what may happen should the emissions gap remain – necessitating additional adaptation. The Africa Adaptation Gap Report was accomplished to inform policymakers of the shortcomings and opportunities for adaptation to Climate […]