Planning for climate change in the African city

Vanesa Castán Broto (2014). Viewpoint: Planning for climate change in the African city. International Development Planning Review, Volume 36 (3): 257-264.


Vanesa Castán Broto argues for a perspective on climate change in African cities that focuses on challenges and also opportunities for action. Delivering climate change adaptation in cities in the first instance requires addressing immediate infrastructure and service provision needs, because increasing climate change resilience in cities also requires improving the delivery of services to all citizens. However, there is a risk that climate change discourses facilitate the deployment of technocratic, expert-led forms of planning, particularly when climate change is used as an excuse to facilitate the intervention of international planning consultants who most often know little about the local context of planning. This paper advocates instead approaches to climate change action that harness opportunities on the ground to engage with the creative potential that urban citizens already have and to draw attention to the need to develop planning skills from within the city.

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Image via Neil Palmer (CIAT). Published under creative commons license.


Publication Type Journal article
Publisher Liverpool University Press (International Development Planning Review)
Year 2014
Author(s) Vanesa Castán Broto
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