Planning Education in Ghana


This case study is a contribution to the Global Report on Human Settlements 2009 chapter on planning education with the objective of assessing the capacity of planning education to respond to the changing needs of the country. The paper discusses the origins of planning education in Ghana and the various theoretical debates that have shaped planning to the point as it is taught and practiced today. The Ghana case study illustrates the legacy of colonial planning education, the ability of planning to respond to the contextual issues and paradigm shifts, a strong relation between planning education and planning institutions, the benefits of north – south cooperation among educational institutions, and the extent to which the availability of resources can facilitate or hinder planning education and practice. The paper calls for the need to develop the capacity of planning educators, involve professional associations and bodies in the reshaping of curricula, and the allocation of funds both at the governmental level and at the University level to support planning education.

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Publisher UN-HABITAT
Year 2009
Author(s) Inkoom DKB
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