Special Issue of African Studies: Sophiatown

African Studies, Volume 74, Issue 1, 2015

Special Issue:  Sophiatown


Sophiatown, close to the Johannesburg (South Africa) city centre is both historically and socially imbricated. Like other inherently transnational space it is typical of a contemporary conjuncture of possibilities and refusals. It shares with other sites across the globe, such as South Central Los Angeles, Tiananmen Square, Marikana, or even Detroit, a power to invoke and evoke tension and contradiction in the present because of the layers of historic, epic, tragic and nostalgic meanings attached to them. At the same time, the signifier ‘Sophiatown’ has condensed meaning so efficiently that it becomes difficult to parse out the different
fragments which have helped to constitute it in a global imaginary in the early 21st century.


Natasha Erlank & Karie L Morgan, pages 1-9


Close-up Sophiatown: Transnational Perspectives on Past, Present and Future of an Iconic Suburb

Katharina Fink, pages 10-25


Routes to Sophiatown

Natasha Erlank, pages 26-50


Sophiatown as lieu de mémoire

Paul Knevel, pages 51-75


Spatial Justice and the Western Areas of Johannesburg

Thomas Patrick Chapman, pages 76-97


Sophiatown Reimagined: Residents’ Reconstructions of Place and Memory

Yavini Naidoo, pages 98-122


‘What Would They do if you Greeted?’ The Potentiality of Greetings in the New South Africa

Karie L. Morgan, pages 123-145


Publication Type Journal
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Year 2015
ISSN 0002-0184
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