The State of Addis Ababa 2017: The city we want

The physical transformation of Addis Ababa by Geo Kalev

The State of Addis Ababa 2017 report, published by UN-Habitat is aimed at providing a comprehensive assessment of existing socioeconomic and environmental conditions in the city, shedding light on the impacts of on-going fast paced urbanisation.

The report, launched on 27 June, was the result of a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Addis Ababa and UN-Habitat to collaborate on a number of initiatives aimed at strengthening the capacity of the city administration to plan and manage the rapid pace of urbanisation.

The report is aimed at policy makers and city planners making bold recommendations on how resources can be strategically developed and managed in a sustainable way to meet the needs of the urban population of today and the future, improve the short- and long-term well being of citizens and transform Addis Ababa into the city that the citizenry wants.

Download the full report here.


Publication Type Report
Publisher UN-Habitat
Year 2017
ISSN 978-92-1-133397-8
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