State Of The Cities Report (2016)

The purpose of the State of Cities Reporting (SOCR) over the years has been to present a 5-year perspective on the performance and conditions of South Africa’s largest cities, with a focus on the member cities of the South African Cities Network(SACN).

The first SOCR was published in 2004, and subsequently in 2006 and 2011. The 2011 SOCR highlighted a number of key focus areas which informed the SACN’s guiding theme and programme of work for the 2011-2015 strategic period: South African cities as effective drivers of local and national development.

This was expressed an aspirational statement which was intended to frame the hindsight and foresight about city performance in both micro (local) and macro (national) terms. The SACN released the Fourth Edition of the State of Cities Report on 22 June 2016.

Specifically, the report as it has evolved, has intended to be:

  1.  A Barometer on the state of our cities in that it compiles evidence about the progress made by South African cities over time in relation to key development roles, targets and outcomes;
  2. An Analytical Tool by reviewing the strategic problems and opportunities facing cities; and
  3. Agenda-setting by communicating essential messages about the planning, development and management of cities to the next generation of civic leaders and officials who would be the incumbents following periodic municipal elections.

Available for download at the SOCR

Photo Credit: Wikimedia


Publication Type Report
Publisher South African Cities Network
Year 2016
Author(s) Various
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