Street enterprises, urban livelihoods and poverty in Kinshasa

Guillaume Iyenda (2005), Street enterprises, urban livelihoods and poverty in Kinshasa. Environment and Urbanization, October 2005 17(2). pgs 55-67.


Unemployment and poverty are currently the main preoccupations of people in Kinshasa. State bankruptcy has prevented the formal economy from stemming a rising tide of poverty, making the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) one of the poorest countries in the world in terms of living standards. This paper examines the living conditions of the poor in Kinshasa in relation to the current situation of state bankruptcy, and looks, in particular, at the phenomenon of street enterprises in the city. Despite the capacity of street enterprises to provide employment for many poor people in the city, they have not proven to be a solution to poverty and its correlates of unemployment, illiteracy, disease, hunger, poor health, high infant mortality, social exclusion and poor housing conditions. The paper concludes by suggesting the need to fight corruption, mismanagement and political authoritarianism, and to increase the participation of poor people in the development process.

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Publication Type Journal article
Publisher Sage
Year 2005
Author(s) Guillaume Iyenda
DOI 10.1177/095624780501700205
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