Unleashing Entrepreneurs or Controlling Unruly Providers? The Formalisation of Small-scale Water Providers in Greater Maputo, Mozambique


The existing legal and policy framework regulating water service provision in Greater Maputo, Mozambique appears fixated on the official service areas. In doing so it inadequately addresses the geographically varied service provision modalities which characterise the city. We argue that the predominant legal and policy framework does little to support development of improved services in areas unserved by the formal utility. Although ad hoc measures recognising small-scale providers as a temporary alternative to service provision by a formal utility have been implemented, these measures appear designed to increase control over these providers rather than support the service delivery capacity of small-scale providers.

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Publication Type Journal article
Publisher Journal of Development Studies
Year 2012
Author(s) Rhodante Ahlers, Valeria Perez G├╝ida, Maria Rusca & Klaas Schwartza
DOI DOI: 10.1080/00220388.2012.713467
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