Variation in the quality of upgraded slums in Lagos, Nigeria

This paper examines the variation in the quality of nine (9) upgraded slums in Lagos metropolis using two scales of measurement structured around 16 variables. Data used for this study were collected from primary and secondary sources. The primary data was sourced from questionnaire administration. A total of one hundred and twenty (120) respondents in each of the nine (9) upgraded slums were selected through systematic-random technique. The information collected was analyzed with tables, percentages and Analysis of variance. The results of the dwelling type revealed that over 80% of the respondents in all the slums lived in a room/room and parlour while hand-dug well and borehole were the common sources of water. In addition, buildings with inadequate drainage facilities as revealed by respondents were also areas with high rate of flooding. These include Agege, Makoko and Iwaya with 71.7%, 74.8% and 60%of buildings respectively prone to flood. A multiple comparison of housing quality between Agege and the other eight slums indicated that Ajegunle and Itire/Ijeshatedo had better housing conditions while Agege was better off in housing quality than Makoko. Ajegunle had better quality housing than the slums of Badia, Iwaya and Makoko with Amukoko housing of considerable high quality compared to those in Badia, Iwaya and Makoko. The results of the ANOVA revealed that variation in housing quality is not significant at 0.05. This showed that there are no significant differences in housing quality in the study area while variation in environmental quality is significant at 0.05.This shows that significant differences existed in variables used to measure environmental quality in the study area.

Keywords: Slums, Quality, spatial Difference, Lagos, Nigeria

Full article by Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management via African Journals Online

Photo credit: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung


Publication Type Journal Article
Publisher Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management
Year 2016
Author(s) Adedayo, A.F. and Malik, N.A.
Other Numbers 9 (1): 14 – 21
ISSN 1998-0507
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