Who will plan Africa’s cities?


Africa Research Institute (ARI) is pleased to announce a new series of publications and events focusing on cities and urbanisation in sub-Saharan Africa. The first publication in this series is “Who will plan Africa’s cities?” by Professor Vanessa Watson and Professor Babatunde Agbola of the Association of African Planning Schools.

Most urban development in Africa is occurring in a non-planned and non-transparent manner. Without appropriate planning, cities and towns will become increasingly chaotic and inefficient. The authors argue that the reform and revitalisation of planning education in Africa could contribute significantly to sustainable and more equitable urban development. Change can be brought about by future planners who are innovative problem-solvers, and whose actions are informed by explicit and progressive values. Crucially, they must be willing to collaborate with all parties involved in the development process – including local communities.

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Publication Type Report
Year 2013
Author(s) Watson V, Agbola B
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