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When it was formed in 2008, critics hastily dismissed the Ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan Development as unnecessary political baggage for the taxpayer and even predicted that it would be a flop. But the first Minister to hold the docket, Mr Mutula Kilonzo, now Justice Minister, shrugs off such insinuations: “We want to transform Nairobi into a major wealth creation hub that will change the lifestyle of its residents”.

Pointing out that his vision for the city was practical, structured and grounded in law, Mutula gave clear signs that he had honed his plan and was committed to the ideals of a successful Nairobi Metropolitan. Long before he was redeployed to the Ministry of Justice, Mutula had led the ministry in drafting the legal policy that will guide the implementation to move the Nairobi Metropolitan vision forward.

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Publication Type Government Report
Year 2009
Author(s) of Development M N M
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