• New regulations for Addis cinemas

    Over the past two decades, Ethiopia’s film industry has grown rapidly and new cinemas are sprouting in the capital city. But the new venues come with challenges, including poor seating, technical issues, and lack of emergency exits. Last month, the government updated its criteria for cinemas to get an official license. According to The Reporter: […]

  • Mentally ill people lost on the streets of Addis Ababa

    An estimated 80,000 mentally ill people need to be admitted to hospital but are instead living on the streets in Addis Ababa. Stigamtized, they are alienated by society and considered to be possessed by the devil. The only two mental health hospitals in the capital city, Amanuel Hospital and Gefersa Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre, cannot accommodate […]

  • Documenting the ‘spaces’ in Addis

    Faced with rapid growth and urban development in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, Felix Heisel and Bisrat Kifle set out to document old and new ways of living in the city. “Disappearing Spaces” is a cinematic documentary on the use of space in the informal parts of Ethiopia’s capital. Looking at one typical house for the duration […]

  • Registration system for Addis Ababa house seekers

    1.3 million people in need of housing in Ethiopia’s capital are expected to register at the City Administration headquarters. Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency reports: “The registration is said to have been organized in a way [that] offers prompt and reliable service by applying advanced registration and data management mechanisms. Kuma Demeksa, the outgoing Mayor of […]

  • Mobile macchiatos for Addis

    Busy urbanites don’t always have time to frequent local coffee shops in Addis Ababa. So entrepreneur Bizuayehu Getachew has come up with a creative solution: brew the coffee on the go. Getachew sports a mobile brewing machine on his back, which can mix macchiato powder with hot water to result in the perfect macchiato — […]

  • 10, 000 condominium homes handed to Addis Ababa residents

    In 2004, the Ethiopian government launched the Integrated Housing Development Programme (IHDP) to reduce slum areas and unemployment in Addis Ababa through low- and middle-income housing projects. Yesterday, the IHDP produced results and the city transferred 10,000 condominium houses to their future residents. According to AllAfrica, “to date, the Addis Ababa City Administration has transferred […]

  • Addis launches new Urban Property Registration Bill

    A draft bill that will enable the government to undertake land and real property registration, in all urban areas nationwide, will be tabled to the Council of Ministers, by January. If ratified, the bill will require all urban residents to register any property for which they have a land use right. This can be done […]

  • Addis Ababa city manager sacked

    After a five-day evaluation session of the Council of the Addis Ababa City Administration, the administration’s general manager and five other senior land administration officials were sacked. Sources told The Reporter that the officials were removed because of alleged corruption. However, the administration disclosed that the officials were sacked due to inefficiency and underperformance. During […]