• The aftermath of Makause’s shack fire

    …Eric Ndlovu described a blaze that was consuming shacks in minutes. “They caught fire so quickly, and just spread. You know petrol… when you extinguish it with water then you spread it around. People didn’t have enough water, or enough assistance in terms of extinguishing the fire.” The community told Daily Maverick that the fire engine […]

  • Pretoria ordered to restore Schubert Park

    A small group of former Schubart Park tenants were celebrating outside the abandoned buildings early Tuesday afternoon, after news reached them that their appeal to the Constitutional Court had succeeded. “We don’t know where everyone is, and a lot of people are at work, but we’re trying to let them all know,” said one of […]

  • “The real issue is not poverty, it is inequality”

    Growing cynicism about politicians, concerns regarding corruption, massive levels of unemployment and ongoing “psychosocial challenges” hamper the basic quality of life in Gauteng, according to recent research findings. The Quality of Life 2011 survey, conducted biannually by the Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO), was presented at the University of the Witwatersrand on 23 July. The survey […]

  • Unqualified municipal officials face the chop in South Africa

    Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan warned municipal officials on Monday that government had no intention of extending the January 1, 2013, regulatory deadline for enforcing minimum competency levels for municipal accounting officers, saying that “officials may find themselves without a job, should they fail to comply”. In a hard-hitting address to some 1 400 delegates attending […]

  • South Africa’s BRT developments: truly accessible?

    CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Oct 2 2012 (IPS) – In South Africa, Bus Rapid Transit systems, which were pioneered to great effect in Latin American countries such as Colombia and Brazil, are being promoted as potentially effective ways of delivering improved public transport services to the urban poor. But experts question whether systems such as these […]

  • Johannesburg is the greenest city in South Africa

    The city has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per capita among the country’s four major cities, the lowest per capita electricity consumption and the second-highest amount of green space among 15 African cities surveyed by the Economist Intelligence Unit for its African Green City Index, the unit revealed on Tuesday. Though Johannesburg’s greenhouse gas emissions […]