• FOLIO Contemporary African Architecture Journal

    New Contemporary African Architecture Journal launched

                      FOLIO a new annual on contemporary African architecture has been launched in South Africa, coinciding with this year’s Africa Day celebrations. According to founding editor Professor Lesley Lokko, the idea was sparked at a meeting of the heads of architecture schools in 2015 where an intense […]

  • Capital Cairo: a regime of graphics

    Adham Selim critiques the viability of the new Egyptian capital city, which presently exists in the realm of imagination and visualisation.

  • Urban disasters: a challenge to planning in Malawi

    Urbanisation has outstripped government’s capacity to provide services and guide urban growth in Malawi, a physical planning expert, Mphatso Kadaluka has said. “Inadequate and deteriorating infrastructure has exposed urban inhabitants to myriad types of disasters that leaves them vulnerable to inexplicable impacts,” said Kadaluka, a northern region Acting Commissioner for Physical Planning in the Ministry […]

  • Fractured identities in Tunis

    As you walk through the Ibn Khaldun neighborhood, seven kilometers from downtown Tunis, the unaccomplished state of the area becomes immediately apparent. Since the 1970s Ibn Khaldun has been in constant flux, as residents continuously re-build their houses. Ibn Khaldun is no anomaly. Cities across Tunisia  are rapidly changing, a reflection of Tunisian’s own crisis […]

  • Building a city of neighbourhoods

    Mokena Makeka is a Cape Town-based architect responsible for the redesign of the city’s main transit station – the heart of a 20-year vision of high-density neighbourhoods – and the celebrated Thusong Service Centre in Khayelitsha. Brett Petzer spoke with him about the wait for better spaces. Brett Petzer: Why, within walking distance of Cape […]

  • The “White City” and Egypt’s modernist heritage

    In 2003 UNESCO added Tel Aviv’s “White City” to its list of world heritage sites. The “White City” consists of three zones (central White City, Lev Hair and Rothschild Avenue, and the Bialik Area) containing around 4,000 buildings built from the 1930s to the 1950s in various interpretations of the modernist style. Tel Aviv was […]

  • Building collapses in Alexandria

    Twenty-three people were killed and eleven were injured on Wednesday morning when an eight-story building collapsed in Alexandria. Rescue efforts are ongoing as an official expects more bodies to be found under the rubble of the collapsed building of 24 flats. According to the governor, the East Alexandria building that collapsed during the early hours […]

  • A city in danger of losing its heritage

    The question of urban heritage has become increasingly politicised in Egypt. Cairo is a city with traces of its built heritage going as far back as its founding in 969. In addition, the city’s Greco-Roman, Coptic and Ancient Egyptian heritages are all visible. Cairo is a city of many histories, reflected in many remains. However, […]