• Angolan government wages war against ‘chaotic urbanisation’

    Post-colonial Angolan cities have expanded exponentially, with the population of Luanda growing 10 times since the Portuguese colonial reign ended in 1975. This has been accompanied by economic growth from the diamond and oil trade. However, three-quarters of Luanda’s residents live in informal settlements and two-thirds live on less than $2 per day, in one […]

  • Registration system for Addis Ababa house seekers

    1.3 million people in need of housing in Ethiopia’s capital are expected to register at the City Administration headquarters. Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency reports: “The registration is said to have been organized in a way [that] offers prompt and reliable service by applying advanced registration and data management mechanisms. Kuma Demeksa, the outgoing Mayor of […]

  • Urban renewal for Lagos slums

    Lagos Metropolitan Development and Governance Project (LMDGP) is upgrading informal settlements o Mushin, Itire and Ijeshatedo. This includes the development of infrastructure – roads, sewerage and drainage systems. 16 roads have been completed and 1614 are in progress. The facilities at local schools will also be improved. Vanguard reports: “LMDGP is a World Bank assisted […]

  • Brazilian satellite city to be built in Abuja

      In a bid to improve bilateral relations between Nigeria and Brazil, the Abuja administration has granted permission for a Brazilian consortium to build a characteristically Brazilian model satellite city in Abuja. This is set to develop infrastructure and housing in the capital, while allowing Brazil greater influence in Nigeria, a key trading partner. Brazilians have […]

  • Fear of demolition grips Lagos slum dwellers

    The urban renewal programme in Lagos is threatening the housing security of residents who live in the many ‘illegal’ settlements in the megacity. Beautification and channelization appear higher on the Lagos State Government’s list of priorities than secure housing for the city’s over 12 million residents. Tunji Bello, Commissioner for the Environment, visited an illegal […]

  • Angola seeks to make coastal city key urban centre

    The coastal city, home to approximately two million people, is being developed in a bid for the city of Benguela to play a greater role in the urban future of Angola. Forming part of the “Angola2025” programme, infrastructure will be developed by 2017 to enable the city to better cater for the needs of residents. […]

  • Three-story building collapses in Lagos

      A baby died and other people were injured when a building collapsed in Lagos on Tuesday. The apartment block, which originally had solid foundations, was compromised by the addition of two storeys. This building collapse is one of many to occur in Lagos over the past decade. Over-crowding, the wet physical environment, a lack […]

  • Which city will win race for the tallest building in Africa?

    Africa has long lagged behind the rest of the world in the tallest building department. For the past four decades, the Carlton Centre in Johannesburg has been the continent’s tallest building. While many consider it a particularly lack-lustre piece of architecture, it is also four times shorter than the world’s tallest building. Africa does not […]

  • Defending Cape Town’s princess

    Princess Vlei, a wetland system that runs through Grassy Park in Cape Town, is situated on the border between formerly “coloured” and white group areas, and is ideally located to offer a meeting point for Capetonians from diverse backgrounds. However, the bid to build a shopping mall on its banks has galvanised the community into […]

  • Gulu: clamouring for city status after war

    From atop the Pearl Afrique Hotel, the changing skyline of Gulu town is visible. The thatched roofs of mud and wattle huts that once dotted the edges of the town are no more.  The mud and wattle has given way to tiled and iron sheet roofs of new buildings that sprout from the rubble where […]