• Lagos slum residents live among garbage at “Dustbin Estate”

              A documentary produced by the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) in Nigeria highlights how high rentals and poverty in Lagos, one of the fastest growing cities on the continent, have driven thousands of residents to build shacks at “Dustbin Estate,” a slum in Awodiora, Ajeromi Ifelodun, to the west […]

  • The “White City” and Egypt’s modernist heritage

    In 2003 UNESCO added Tel Aviv’s “White City” to its list of world heritage sites. The “White City” consists of three zones (central White City, Lev Hair and Rothschild Avenue, and the Bialik Area) containing around 4,000 buildings built from the 1930s to the 1950s in various interpretations of the modernist style. Tel Aviv was […]

  • Unicef: An Urban World

    The graphic depicted here shows countries and territories with 2050 urban populations exceeding 100,000. Circles are scaled in proportion to urban population size. Source United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), Population Division special updated estimates of urban population as of October 2011, consistent with World Population Prospects: The 2010 revision and World […]

  • Building collapses in Alexandria

    Twenty-three people were killed and eleven were injured on Wednesday morning when an eight-story building collapsed in Alexandria. Rescue efforts are ongoing as an official expects more bodies to be found under the rubble of the collapsed building of 24 flats. According to the governor, the East Alexandria building that collapsed during the early hours […]

  • A growing city, challenging housing options

    Owning a home is a reality for only a few in Accra. For most, even long-time residents, renting is the only option. The city’s housing market is like a pyramid: At its apex, a small international set – many of whom have lived or currently live abroad – own the most expensive residences. Moving down, […]

  • The changing and challenging face of African capital cities

    (21 October 2012, Johannesburg­) – The challenge posed to capital cities is clear: Given a small and sometimes shrinking municipal fiscal base, and existing service backlog, how is it possible to fashion viable urban policies and delivery for a growing number of new urban residents? That is according to Professor Simon Bekker, co-editor with Göran […]

  • Zango: plans unravel

    Since 2001, Angola has engaged in large-scale rehousing efforts across Luanda. As the redevelopment of the capital proceeds, more and more residents who have built in “high-risk” areas – alongside roads that need to be widened or on areas demarcated for new projects ­– have been moved to various “social housing” areas: Panguila, Sapú, Projecto […]

  • New Year tragedies prevalent in cities across the continent

    A New Year’s stampede in Abidjan leaves 61 dead. READ MORE… An overcrowded religious ceremony left 16 dead and 120 injured at the gates of the Cidadela Desportiva stadium in Luanda, Angola’s capital. READ MORE… A deadly fire suspected to have resulted due to negligence has left 4000 homeless in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. READ MORE… To […]

  • Concrete politics

    Luanda, Angola’s capital, could easily be mistaken for an enormous construction site. Since the end of the civil war (1975 to 2002), the city’s oil-fuelled building boom has attracted investors from all parts of the world. As an everyday experience the result is dust, traffic, and uncertainty. Many reports marvel at the high-rises and mass […]

  • Tackling housing crises through new strategies

    ALGERIA: As part of its promise to build 1.2 million new homes by 2014, Algeria is partnering with international consortiums to speed up the process and improve quality. During workshops held on December 2nd in Tipaza, roughly a dozen American housing companies said they were willing to create joint venture companies to implement public housing projects […]