• Weekly news roundup: November 28, 2014.

    The week’s headlines from across the continent.

  • Development is urbanization. The case for regenerative African cities.

    Urban success is related to three issues: location, location and location. The success of metropolitan areas is related to three other issues: governance, governance, and governance, says Professor Pedro B. Ortiz, a senior urban planner at the World Bank in Washington DC. Ortiz delivered a keynote address at the Future of Cities Forum in Kampala in July. This year’s […]

  • Yaounde city faces tough choices over planned motorway

    Building a modern capital city based on existing urban planning and disorder seems costly and challenging to the Cameroon government as a future motorway project that will run from the Yaounde Nsimalen airport to the city faces planning stalemates. Building the highway will require demolition of homes on the road’s path and government will be […]

  • Two new publications put Transit Oriented Development in focus

    In South Africa, October is national Transport Month which is aimed at creating awareness about the significant role mobility plays in the economy. The South African Cities Network has developed two book publications: the ‘SACN Public Transport Investment Assessment Framework’ and ‘How to Build Transit Oriented Cities.’ Each publication addresses key questions relating to the critical […]

  • Cashing in on the dead in Bulawayo

    Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo, is planning to literally cash in on the dead. As the city grapples with dwindling burial space, a number of options for dealing with the deceased  are on the cards, including popularising cremations and establishing a cemetery for the rich, which would see revenue flowing to city coffers. The death […]

  • Art and disability awareness intersect in Kampala

    Ugandan Fred Batale is sitting in his car at Kampala’s LaBa! Street Art Festival, held in June. But it’s not just any vehicle he’s getting ready to drive. It’s a vibrantly painted automobile built using a tricycle as a base, with a canary yellow bonnet and a roof, back and windows constructed from polythene paper, […]

  • Corruption in Malawi’s planning sector threatens urban development

    Malawi is urbanising at a rapid rate. By 2020 it is expected to have the world’s highest annual urbanisation rate of 6.3 %, according to UN-Habitat statistics. Unethical behaviour by politicians, technocrats and physical planners in the country threatens cohesive urban development and poses challenges to the future of Malawi’s urban spaces. “The country has […]

  • Urban disasters: a challenge to planning in Malawi

    Urbanisation has outstripped government’s capacity to provide services and guide urban growth in Malawi, a physical planning expert, Mphatso Kadaluka has said. “Inadequate and deteriorating infrastructure has exposed urban inhabitants to myriad types of disasters that leaves them vulnerable to inexplicable impacts,” said Kadaluka, a northern region Acting Commissioner for Physical Planning in the Ministry […]

  • Malawi’s physical planners urged to pull up socks

    The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Lands and Housing has asked physical planners in Malawi to take advantage of government’s policy, legal and institutional frameworks in order to advance the planning profession. Physical planning in the country is challenged by substandard development, said the secretary Ivy Luhanga, speaking during a Malawi Institute of Physical […]

  • Rains wreak havoc in Dar es Salaam

    It is noon and the heavens break loose. While some cheer for the seething breeze that accompanies the rain, some just curse it. Frederick Lema, a veteran commuter bus driver, grows animated as raindrops start falling. He knows the day is over and as a breadwinner he anticipates more trouble at home. It has been […]